My Eczema Story Part 1

Welcome to my first ever blog post! I go by H, as I’d prefer to stay anonymous (for now, at least) πŸ™‚ But just like many others out there, I am suffering from eczema. If you are suffering from eczema too, especially large patches of eczema, I feel your pain. It is annoying and can be miserable to have to scratch your skin every hour, or maybe even every 10 minutes when there is a flare up. Waking up to flaky shedded skin on the bed, patches of pus on blankets and bedsheets, dirty nails from scratching dead skin… been there, done that. I started noguiltypleasures on Instagram (@noguiltypleasures) after my exams in mid-May of 2017, and now I’m venturing the scope to blogging, as I am an expressive person and I do want to look back on my journey perhaps 10 years from now. I also love sharing my experiences and learning from others as well. πŸ™‚

I’m kicking off this first blog post with my eczema story, which, I feel, is – *warning* – pretty long, which is why I am splitting it into 2 parts. So, get comfy! *virtually hands you a bowl of popcorn, a pillow and a blanket*

When I was younger, I only had a small patch of eczema on my left arm, where the joint is situated at. It was only a small patch – it was no big deal, and also, it did not stay forever. It would come for a few days, and then would disappear for the next few months, then it would come back again for a few days, and disappear again. I didn’t think much of it. It was only when I started university in August of 2017, it came back again, but this time, it didn’t disappear like it was supposed to. It stayed, and the patch grew larger. This, I feel, was due to a change in environment and lifestyle. I was not used to a university curriculum (and also everyone there is really smart) and all the pressure and nerves that came along with it especially since it was my very first semester as a freshman. And so the eczema patch started to get worst, and by the end of the semester it was already weeping pus – previously it wasn’t, as it was just a dry, scaly patch.

Also during this semester, I started to develop a boil at my lower back – again, probably due to large volumes of emotional and mental stress. (*This part may not have anything to do with eczema, but trust me, this was what I believe led to my eczema outbreak*) The first time the boil developed, it was so, so painful. I visited the doctor, and she injected me with antibiotics and prescribed me oral antibiotics to help kill off the bacteria at the inflamed area. After a few days, the boil went away. Little did I know… it was only the beginning. 😑

The boil came back a second time round, but this time, it was less painful than the first. I didn’t visit the doctor, I just allowed it to heal by itself, and it did after about a week. By this time, it was December and was already the end of the semester and I was having a one month winter break before the start of the second semester in January. In December, I was also invovled in a planning committee for an event, which I felt I was placing too much unnecessary pressure on myself for. The event was held in January about 3 weeks into the second semester, and this stress I placed upon myself for the event along with the workload of the new modules I took in that semester just precipitated the development of a third boil. Yes, a third boil, at the same spot where the last 2 boils were, only this time, it was massive. I remember the pain being extremely unbearable after class one day and slowly making my way to the university clinic to visit the doctor. She prescribed me with antibiotics (again), and a referral letter to the polyclinic. I visited the polyclinic, and there, they gave me – no surprise – more antibiotics.

As the days went by, the pain of the boil started to become excruciating, and it started to take a toll on my physical abilities. I couldn’t walk, stand, sit – I couldn’t do anything, as it was too painful to move. All I could do was lie down, and even that, I could only lie down on my side, as the boil was at my lower back. I couldn’t do my daily prayers properly – I had to lie down on my side and do my prayers. I skipped school for a week, and I remember crying every single day, praying for the pain to go away. Antibiotics were NOT working, and needless to say, I was not eating well. Sometimes I refused meals or I would only take a bite or two, as I had zero appetite. I visited the doctor for the like the gazillionth time, and finally, they said I needed to get surgery done to drain the boil. I went to the A&E at the nearest hospital, waited for like 2 hours, was warded to the hospital, had to fast for another 6 hours since I was going to be put on general anesthesia – which also means having to wait for another 6 hours (by far the worst 6 hours of my life), and finally, finally, did the surgery. I remember waking up to the sound of beeps in the recovery room post-surgery, and I also remember feeling absolutely nothing on my lower back. The pain was gone. Alhamdulillah. I was so so happy, but I was too tired to smile.

A few weeks after the surgery, now this, this…. this was where the eczema flare up happened.

*To be continued in Part 2*

If you’ve read this far, you da the real MVP. xoxo

Love, H

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