WhatsApp Image 2017-12-02 at 9.58.32 PMSalaam, hello there! I go by H, and I am a 19 year old female suffering from eczema. Yes I’ve got them scaly, dry, itchy, (and sometimes bloody), patches on my skin. From a young age, I only had a small eczema patch on my arm which came & went whenever it wanted to. It was only recently when I was 18 that it came back stronger, and more painful than ever. Like any other eczema patients, I was prescribed topical steroids. But after experiencing a very bad reaction to topical steroids, I made the decision to withdraw from it completely.

My mother and I did a lot of research, and found that perhaps it would be better to heal the natural way – through food. And so I did. And, I was simply amazed. I strongly believe that the combination of real, nutritious, natural foods + living a happy, healthy, fruitful life with minimal stress is the key to eczema recovery. I am still fiercely embarking on this fascinating jourey, still uncovering life lessons along the way, still not completely 100% eczema free, and still finding a little bit more about myself with every step I take. My health is very important to me, and so then began my eczema TSW (topical steroid withdrawal) journey – with food, and with noguiltypleasures!

Here on noguiltypleasures.com, you can expect food and lifestyle-related eczema posts 🙂 Check out my IG @noguiltypleasures for regular posts on meals I consume that are eczema-friendly! (well, for me at least, as everyone is different.)

A little bit more about myself:

  • I mainly go by a gluten-free, and a milk dairy-free diet.
  • I am a proud Muslim ♥ – therefore, all the food I consume are halal.
  • I am an undergraduate student majoring in Life Sciences and minoring in Public Health.
  • I hope to pursue a post-grad in Nutrition/Dietetics one day after my bachelor’s degree (inshaAllah!) to help others realise the importance of eating well.
  • I think I have mentioned previously where I am from in one of my instagram post comments, but let’s just keep it a secret for those who do not know 😉 But if you do know, good for you! 😛 (Hint: It’s somewhere in Southeast Asia!)
  • I love, love, chocolate.

Disclaimer: I am not a specialist, so any advices/tips shared are based on what worked for me, and it might not work for everyone, so listen to your body! 🙂